Harry Styles Celebrates His Birthday With His Ex ... Not Taylor Swift, His Other Ex

Harry Styles
Harry Styles at his birthday party
Harry Styles turns 19 today. What did you get him? Personally, I went for function over fashion, and bought him an insulated coffee mug that supposedly keeps beverages "hot for hours." But I guess Harry will be the judge of that come hour three of his commute. Anyway! Looks like young Harry had a bash last night to celebrate his final year of being a teenager, and unsurprisingly, there were no signs of Taylor Swift in sight. (Though reports that her cries could be heard from all the way across the pond if you stood directly next to a specific pipe in the basement of the venue are waiting to be confirmed.) However, there was another lady of note in attendance. A lady that proves Harry and Taylor are never, ever, ever getting back together. That's the first time you heard that joke, right guys? Cool.


Harry's ex -- Harry's 33-year-old ex -- Caroline Flack was at the One Direction singer's birthday party at the Groucho Club last night in London. Flack is a "TV presenter", and she and Harry apparently had a brief romance in 2011. She was photographed leaving Styles' party looking a little bleary-eyed, so odds of there having been slurry a "Why did we break upppp?" conversation between her and him are fairly high.

Harry and Taylor are not getting back together, friends. They're not. I hate to be the bearer of Haylor news, but I just don't see it happening. If there was any sign of reconciliation, Taylor would have been at her ex's celebration last night -- and his other ex wouldn't have been. The X-Factor Contestant's Exes: What a tangled web they weave.

Would you like to see Taylor and Harry get back together?


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