Oprah's Over-Dramatic Gift-Lifting Injury Is Still News & I Have No Idea Why

oprah winfreyDon't you hate when you get a humongous bouquet of flowers for your birthday that is so heavy and awesome that you sprain yourself trying to move it around your house haha ... er no.

Take two.

Oh that zany lovable Oprah! Only Oprah would sprain her back moving a huge birthday bouquet given to her by one of her celebrity friends Tyler Perry and THEN tweet about it ... nope, not working either.

Third and final try.

Legendary talk show host and woman extraordinaire Oprah Winfrey has recovered from a terrible back injury ... no, I can't. I can't write this story that is trending on the Internet today. For the second day in a row


I am not surprised that Oprah's flower injury is being talked about. She still has tons of fans that still love her and continue to follow her every move, so yeah okay I get that.

But one of the top trending news stories of the day ... whyyy?? I mean, Oprah is okay. She just needed an icepack. I use one practically every day myself for something. She was up and walking the next day, according to followup reports. No word on whether she needed to take ibuprofen, however.

The flowers were a 59th birthday gift from Oprah's friend Tyler Perry (who I had to google to remember who he was). To prove she was recovered, Oprah tweeted a picture of herself in pajamas surrounded by the indoor botanical garden of very expensive orchards and exotic flora given by her adoring friends. Tyler Perry tweeted back that he felt bad Oprah "got hurt" from his gift, to which Oprah shot back "no need to feel bad, love the roses and got an extra day in bed. Can you say ." I could see if the tweets were newsworthy, but they weren't even funny!

She didn't even need to go to a doctor! People!

I was hoping that by the time I finished writing this, "Oprah's injury" would have fallen out of trends and I could just delete this non-post and forget it ever existed, but mysteriously, confoundedly, she's still up there. So here you go.

I'm glad Oprah is okay and wish her all the best, but please explain to me why this is news?


Image via Splash News

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