If Kim Kardashian Has a Girl, Kanye Better Be Ready

Kim KardashianWell, finally, someone has said what we're all thinking: I hope to god Kim Kardashian doesn't have a girl! Can you imagine what Kris Jenner will do with her?! And that person is (reportedly allegedly rumoredly) none other than Kim's baby's daddy, Kanye West. One of those trusty sources told Celeb Dirty Laundry:

He’s got his heart set on having a son. He’s always wanted a little boy. He wants to spoil him rotten but also teach him a lot. He wants his son to be great so hopefully he’ll be able to have a little guy.

Oh wait. That said nothing about Kris Jenner. But let's just act like it did, shall we? Because who could blame the guy if he really WAS thinking that.


I think we all know that if Kris gets her hands on a girl grandchild what will happen:

- Reality show at birth (possibly before that if a fetus can get the Bravo greenlight)

- Designer diaper line at birth

- Sex tape at -- well, let's hope Kris waits until she's 18

- Arranged marriage at 21

- Arranged divorce at 21 1/2

Okay, I'm kidding around here. Hey, if not for Kris Jenner, no one would have ever heard of the Kard klan. Which wouldn't be a terrible thing, to be sure. Imagine if the Kardashians didn't have a bajillion TV shows. We'd all be reading Tolstoy and watching the BBC.

But you do have to wonder what sex Kris is hoping for -- and I'm guessing a girl. Of course, she already has a girl grandchild in Kourtney's baby, Penelope, but Kourt hasn't slurped up the Kris Jenner Kool-Aid as much as Kim.

No doubt Kris is already plotting the next generation of Kardashian pop culture dominance, as the current cast will soon be aging out of anyone's interest. Kendall and Kylie haven't quite grabbed the spotlight in the way that the three older sisters have -- not for lack of trying.

But a Kimye boy just isn't going to have that mass appeal. So let us all join hands in prayer -- for a male.

What do you think will happen if Kim has a girl?


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