Kristen Stewart Should Leave Robert Pattinson Alone if She Wants to Keep Him

Kristen StewartAww. Young love is so hard. Especially when you're thousands of miles away from your significantly hot and famous significant other. Apparently Kristen Stewart is missing Robert Pattinson like crazy right now, to the point where she even feels neglected by him.

Rob's in Australia filming The Rover, and supposedly he hasn't been the best about keeping in touch with KStew via text. She's pissed off, upset, and over it.

Cry. Me. A. River.


Ugh. What's she trying to do, smother the poor dude to death? Yes, I realize it's normal for her to pine for him a bit since he's so far away. But acting all needy and demanding him to text her more often so she "doesn't feel forgotten about" may wind up doing a lot more harm than good to a relationship that's already seen its fair share of challenges.

Hasn't she heard of the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" concept? Because believe it or not, there is some truth behind it. Given the rocky road Kristen and Rob have been on for the past few months, a little time apart may be exactly what they need to realize just how much they love each other and truly want to make things work.

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And if being away from each other doesn't solidify their relationship and has the opposite effect, that's not necessarily a bad thing. If Rob takes advantage of his newfound freedom and parties like a rock star and isn't thinking about KStew while he does it, then it's probably a clear sign that they should go ahead and part ways for good instead of hanging onto what's left between them by a thread.

If Kristen is smart, she'll back off, let Rob enjoy his space, and wait and see what happens when he comes back to L.A. It would really be a shame for her to lose him simply because she acted all clingy and obsessed.

Do you think being apart will make or break Robert and Kristen?


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