Taylor Swift 'Crying Nonstop' Over Harry Styles When There Are Plenty of Better Guys to Cry Over

Taylor SwiftAnother day, another dollar, another rumor about Taylor Swift's sad, sad love life -- and now I think I finally feel bad for the poor girl.

Yes, I know earlier this week I said I wasn't sure whether to feel more sorry for her or Harry Styles, but after reading a report saying that Taylor has been crying nonstop over Harry, it's clear that she's way more deserving of a pity party than he'll ever be.

According to a source who talked to Star, "She can't snap out of it. Taylor is putting on a brave face to the public, but she is a complete mess."

Aww. For reals?


Ok, so I totally get it. I can remember crying crocodile tears over a few dudes during my younger days too. I can only imagine how tough it is to get over someone when you see their face plastered all over magazine covers every single day.

But still, Taylor's a great gal and she's got a lot going for her, so she really needs to get it together and move on already.

Besides, Harry's in a boy band, for Pete's sake -- surely there are better guys for Tay-Tay to cry over.

Let's name a few.

Conor Kennedy -- Um, he's a Kennedy. And it's really cool to hang with the Kennedys at the Cape, so perhaps she should shed a tear over how blah her summers will probably be from here on out.

Jake Gyllenhaal -- He's older, and he's cool. Lotsa women dig him. Definitely bawl-worthy.

Taylor Lautner -- Hell, I'm still crying over this one. I'd gladly go "Back to December" to get a piece of his tan skin and sweet smile. (Just sayin'.)

John Mayer -- Yeah, the embarrassment of this one alone is worth getting upset over.

Ok, let's shift gears and forget about her exes for a second. Here are a few other great guys she should consider dating, breaking up with, and having a meltdown over.

Justin Bieber -- Hey, the Biebs is back on the market, so why not? Although Taylor would probably wind up crying harder over the end of her friendship with Selena Gomez than Justin.

Bradley Cooper -- There's already been a rumor that Taylor tried to hook up with him, so why not seal the deal? He's a serial dumper, so she'd have plenty of great songwriting material in addition to mascara running down her face.

Tim Tebow -- OMG. How has this romance not happened yet? It's meant to be. But she'll B-A-W-L when it ends. (Who wouldn't?)

Sean Lowe -- She should definitely go after Sean if he doesn't wind up finding love on The Bachelor. I mean, dude's a virgin, so they're virtually a match made in heaven. But no one will blame her if she cries when he refuses to give her a rose.

Ok, your turn. Who do you think Taylor should date and cry over next?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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