Kelly Clarkson's Wedding Breakdown Was Inevitable

kelly clarksonYou'd think that Kelly Clarkson would be ontop of the world right now. Not only is she over-the-moon, blissfully in love with fiance Brandon Blackstock, but she's planning their dream wedding, which she admitted recently will feature a reception performance by country superstar, The Voice coach Blake Shelton (who calls Blackstock his manager). OMG, amazing! But, believe it or not, it's not perfectly harmonious over at the Clarkson-Blackstock residence these days. The happy couple is actually pretty stressed out!

Kelly admitted to K-Frog radio this week, "We're just kind of overwhelmed with the planning of the wedding." Aww! I hear ya, girl!


She went onto explain:

We're actually thinking fall this year and we're thinking outside. We're trying to make it small, but it is hard. I literally had a breakdown two weeks ago about the wedding list. ... I'm terrified of everyone watching me walk down the aisle.

Yuuuup, sounds about right. It's funny how when you first get engaged, everyone tells you how wonderful wedding planning is, and what seems to happen more often than not is that you learn just how stressful and difficult it can be. Not all the time. Some parts are great -- choosing the venue, saying "yes!" to the dress, actually finding vendors you click with.

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But it's also not uncommon to run into plenty of parts that are nothing to write home about (an understatement!), and there's no shame in that. I'm actually relieved to hear Kelly admit she's had her bumps in the road!

Still, while every bride and groom experiences highs and lows through the process, there seems to be a common thread ... A lot of what you think is going to go one way ends up going in a totally different direction. Like starting out with a plan to go small and finding out there's no way you can get the guest list below a number you would have initially cringed at. You learn along the way as you discover all the hidden costs. You have to pick your battles to win the "war." (I know, horrible analogy for a wedding, but it's true!) And you find yourself making compromises to keep the peace. That said, having one or several breakdowns along the way is totally normal! It might be inevitable.

So, you know, it sounds like Kelly's right on track. Hopefully, no matter the breakdowns and hard parts and terror she's feeling now, she and Brandon will get the Big Day they're dreaming of -- or, at least, as close to it as realistically possible!

Do you agree wedding planning never goes according to plan?


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