Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart May Have a Sexy Strategy for Keeping Their Romance Alive

kristen stewart robert pattinsonThe latest Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart relationship rumor sounds like something dreamed up by a bored Fifty Shades of Grey fan. And that's all it could very well be ... But it's still kinda hot -- and brilliant. So, not only are sparks still flying between the two despite Rob spending time shooting Down Under, but a new report from OK! magazine (so, you know, not the most ironclad source) claims they're keeping the magic alive by having steamy Skype sessions.

An "insider," who somehow knows all about what Robsten does behind closed doors and online, says, "No doubt their sexy sessions have saved them. With Skype, they’ll share their day with each other and flirt outrageously." Aww, they FLIRT! How squeaky-clean Edward and Bella of them. No, wait, there's more that sounds slightly R-rated!


The insider adds, "Kristen loves coming on [screen] wearing one of his shirts or even his boxer shorts and nothing else. As she often says, she does love getting into his pants!" Ooo.

Well, as hot as that sounds, a lot of tongues are now clucking about how desperate this kind of thing makes Kristen look ... How it must be proof she's grasping at straws to keep Rob's attention. Ugh. To that, I've gotta say -- give me a break!

If there's any truth to the story whatsoever (which is questionable), it shouldn't be seen like that. Maintaining some level of intimacy via sexy Skype sessions or sexting or the like actually sounds really healthy for these two. Or for any couple kept apart by long work hours, different time zones, uh, two completely different hemispheres!

Actually, come to think of it, other celebs who are always blaming distance and different shooting schedules for breaking up could learn a thing or two from Robsten. It's not the '80s anymore. We've advanced waaaay beyond old school phone sex. And as far as keeping a relationship alive across miles and miles, that's a wonderful thing.

Do you buy this story? How do you feel about using Skype/sexting, etc. to keep the spark alive when you're temporarily separated from your sweetie?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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