‘Bet on Your Baby’ Reality Show Finally Puts Lazy Toddlers to Work

What will he do next!
Er mer gerd, it's, like, babies. They're so boring. Just sitting there. Or trying to walk there. Or generally achieving some of life's most important milestones. What's in it for the parents, you know? Where's the adult fun when you need it? Enter ABC and their new green-lit reality show called Bet on Your Baby. Airing this April, the weekly hour-long show will pit five families with toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3-and-a-half against themselves in competitions that determine who can predict their baby's next move.

It's like when you're in Vegas and you bet money that the ball will land on red, only, you know, instead of a ball, it's a human who has yet to learn they have free will.


It's not clear what the betting will be on, exactly, but from the sound of things, parents will be all, I bet my baby will go pick out the yellow truck from the bin and leave it on the floor next! And then you win or you lose and, boy, isn't this a lot of fun.

Who knows -- maybe when these toddlers grow up, we can put them on their second reality show and have them fight in an arena built specifically for the event, with cameras hidden in trees, and rocks, and insects, where they'll entertain the public with their violent prowess or shrinking cowardice. They'll fight for food, they'll fight for honor, they'll fight to the death until one winner remains.

They'll be stars of the small screen before kindergarten, so when they hit reaping age, they'll be poised for a TV takeover, don't you think?

May the odds be ever in their favor.

Would you go on the show?


Photo via simplyla/Flickr

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