Hulk Hogan Posts Lecherous Photo of Daughter’s Body & We're All Skeeved Out

Hulk HoganSo let's say you're an attractive 25-year-old blonde woman wearing high heels and micro-mini dress custom-designed to show off your various impressive bodily assets, and someone posts a photo of you along with the caption, "Brooke's legs." Is that a compliment? Or is it a little creepy? What if you're Brooke Hogan, and the person who's slobbering over your toned thighs is your dad, Hulk Hogan?

Brooke says that anyone who did a double take over Hulk's post is a total sicko, but I think the lady doth protest too much. Personally, I'm going with creepy. Actually, let's upgrade that "creepy" description straight to "skeevy," since this isn't exactly the first time a not-quite-right photo has emerged from this daughter-daughter duo.


So here's a good look at the image that Hulk posted a couple days ago:

Now, for me it isn't necessarily that it's a photo of Brooke in a super provocative outfit -- I mean, you could mayyyyybe buy the idea that Daddy just doesn't notice such things, and is simply sharing an image of his lovely daughter, who he still sees as a little girl wearing pigtails. It's that he specifically calls out a body part: "Brooke's legs." HULK LIKE LEG. HULK FILLED WITH FATHERLY PRIDE, LECHEROUS STIRRINGS. HULK SO CONFUSED.

Twitter responded with plenty of raised eyebrows, which triggered Brooke to snap back,

A dad can't even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it's not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant

Hulk also chimed in, explaining that he'd innocently used the wrong words to compliment his daughter:


Now, I'm not saying there's anything unsavory going on between these two. But I am saying they should know better, because they've gone through this exact same scrutiny before when Hulk was photographed rubbing suntan oil into Brooke's ass and crotch. Reacting with defensiveness does nothing to alleviate the fact that they have an undeniably creepy vibe. Of course, creepy photos get publicity, so perhaps in this scenario, they got exactly what they were hoping for.

What do you think about the image Hulk posted? Weird, or normal?

Image via Twitter

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