'Real Housewife' Lisa Vanderpump Is Horrified by Suzanne Somers' Sex Confession (VIDEO)

suzanne somers on rhobhSuzanne Somers doesn't beat around the bush. She's been very out and proud about the fact that despite being 66 years old, she and her hubby of over 35 years, Alan Hamel, enjoy a hot and happy sex life. And it's no secret why they feel so vital for their age. Suzanne openly credits bioidentical hormones (BHRT) and other alternative health methods and philosophies, which she recently discussed on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She even admitted that she hopes to enjoy sex up until her old age ... even up to the ripe ol' age of 110! (All part of her longevity game plan.)

But Lisa Vanderpump wasn't so impressed with the idea. In fact, she was sort of repulsed, remarking that her grandmother lived to be 100, but "the thought of her having sex" makes her cringe. Ha, well, obviously! Check out the clip ...


Booooo, Lisa! Not only does it seem like her sex drive could use a boost, but I feel like her attitude totally reflects how we as a society feel about "senior" sex. It's something we'd rather never hear about -- unless it's the punchline of a joke. Apparently the only people who should be having sex are between the ages of what -- 18 to 50? Then you're supposed to just turn into a celibate, asexual troll? Baaah! I'm calling BS on that way of thinking.

Suzanne knows exactly where it's at! As she said, if you've taken care of yourself and you have the energy and the drive, why shouldn't you enjoy sex for as long as you can? Isn't it a healthy, important part of a full, happy life -- not to mention a three-dimensional, happy relationship/marriage? 

Well, Lisa and people who think like her can continue to be ageist about sexuality, but one thing's for sure: People who think more like Suzanne will certainly be having much more fun for years to come!

On this issue, are you Team Lisa or Team Suzanne? Why?


Image via Bravo

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