'Mean Girls' Musical Starring Crazy Mariah Carey Would Be So Fetch

Mean Girls "Her hair is so big, it's full of seeeeeecrets ..." "I knoowwwwwww, riiiiiight?" "That's ... sooooo ... FETCH!" Oh sorry, I was just imagining what the musical version of Mean Girls would be like. You know, now that it's a thing that's happening. Yes. Mean Girls, the musical. Is this the worst idea ever, or is it grool? ("I meant to say cool and then I started to say great.")

I say grool, personally. Especially since Tina Fey herself is behind this, and she's got some SERIOUSLY interesting casting ideas. (Mariah Carey as Amy Poehler, anyone?)


Fey was asked about the rumors of a musical version of Mean Girls while she was on the red carpet at the SAG Awards, and her response was pretty exciting:

Maybe! We want to. I would love to. I'm trying to develop it with my husband, who does all the music for 30 Rock and I think Paramount's onboard.

Dude, that's so awesome. I'm not the hugest musical fan in the world but I could see this being really catchy and entertaining and appealing to nearly everyone, like Pitch Perfect. As for who would star in the show, Tina Fey has a suggestion, based on the recent American Idol dust-up between Mariah and fellow judge Nicki Minaj over Mean Girls:

I loved it! And I think Mariah won. Like, Mariah seemed to really know all the characters. Maybe she can play Amy Poehler's part in the musical.

Haaaa, and maybe Minaj could play Regina George, the meanest mean girl of all?

The only bummer about revisiting the genius of Mean Girls is remembering Lindsay Lohan's character. Lohan was so fresh-faced and cute and had so much promise and ... man. I mean, can you even believe she looked like this just a few years ago?

In conclusion, so happy about the idea of a Mean Girls musical! So sad about the Lindsay Who Might Have Been.

What do you think about Tina Fey doing a musical version of Mean Girls?

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