5 ‘Real Housewives’ Who Disappeared From the Show: Where Are They Now?

bravoWhen falling asleep at night, do you ever wonder what happened to ex-cast members of The Real Housewives franchise? Do you picture their floating heads circling above your bed in an imaginary mobile, and do you whisper, aloud, to the nobodies yet everybodies in your room that you miss them, and hope they're doing well?

Here's what 5 of your favorite former Housewives are up to.

  • Lisa Wu Hartwell, Atlanta


    Lisa Wu Hartwell was on the first few seasons of RHOA and at the time was married to NFL player Ed Hartwell. As of 2011, the couple is divorced. Also, little known fact, Lisa has two sons with ex-husband R&B singer Keith Sweat and he has full custody since the court found that Lisa had a history of selfish behavior.

  • Jo de la Rosa, OC


    Breaking up with Slade was probably the best thing that ever happened to this RHOC alumna -- Jo seems to be doing well for herself. From the sound of things, she recently moved to NYC to open an advertising firm.

  • Cindy Barshop, NY


    Cindy, the hair-removal queen and mother to toddler twins, is still doing her thing in NYC, there's just no camera crew around documenting it. She occasionally tweets about the RHONY but it seems like she's totally moved on.

  • Lauri Waring, OC


    Lauri Waring married George Peterson in a lavish wedding on the RHOC ... but unfortunately everything didn't end up roses. She admitted to cheating on him, and the two now live in separate houses. Rumor has it, though, that Lauri might be returning for season 8 of the RHOC. Does someone need a paycheck, maybe?

  • Catherine 'Cat' Ommanney, DC


    Cat was kind of the worst on RHODC, but now it's all about love and light. After splitting from her husband whom we saw on the show, the mom of two recently welcomed a third daughter and works as an interior designer ... when she's not retweeting comments about how great she is.


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