Kristen Stewart’s Celebrity Crush May Surprise You (Hint: It’s Not RPattz)

kristen stewartBen Affleck loves Brad Pitt. Emma Stone (who looks like a drunk Goldie Hawn in the video) loves Steve Martin. Rebel Wilson loves Channing Tatum. Kristen Stewart loves Amy Adams. And who does Amy Adams love? Colin Farrell. Oooh, KStew. Burned.

The W magazine article that brought us those gorgeous, makeup-free photos of Kristen, Naomi Watts, and Nicole Kidman is now bringing us amazing videos. They asked huge Hollywood stars who their cinematic crushes are and the answers did not disappoint.

Kristen also has eyes for someone other than Amy ...


She admits, through hair flips and stoner eyes, that she used to have a huge thing for Harrison Ford, but that her current celeb crush is Amy Adams because "she's awesome."

The two actresses starred in On the Road together, and apparently it was there where KStew discovered the total radness of A-Adams. I guess Kristen hadn't seen The Fighter because once you behold that movie, you have no choice but to worship at the altar of Amy Adams. She's brilliant.

As far as Harrison and Kristen are concerned ... you know, Indy has a thing for younger women. Should she decide to leave Robert Pattinson and he decide to leave Calista Flockhart, it could be a match made in May-December heaven.

And if Kristen and Amy got together, then wow, look out -- that would be one amazing, joint, master bedroom closet. Think of all the clothes they could share! Jealous.

Who's your celebrity crush?


Photo via myalexis/Flickr

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