Robert Pattinson Photographed With Hot, Young Blonde So He Must Be Cheating on KStew

Alexandra Warner Robert PattinsonSigh. We're all well aware that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders. And it's no secret that he forgave her, took her back, and even missed his big chance to get revenge on her after bumping into Rupert's estranged wife, Liberty Ross, at a Golden Globes after-party.

But even though most of us are in agreement that he's probably not quite over Kristen's infidelity -- just because Robert Pattinson poses for a picture with a hot, young blonde doesn't necessarily mean he's giving Kristen a taste of her own medicine.


Rob is currently far away from Kristen in Australia while he's filming his upcoming movie, The Rover, and a picture of him and a woman named Alexandra Warner has surfaced. Already, people are jumping to the conclusion that he must be doing the dirty with her. (Duh. Isn't that what all famous dudes are up to when they agree to take a picture with a random woman?)

Ok, so I know I've joked about Rob settling the score with Kristen by hooking up with someone else, but seriously -- just because he was kind to one of his fans doesn't mean he's trying to get her into the sack! Even though no one would probably blame him for straying from the relationship considering Kristen's past behavior, it's key to point out that Rob is not KStew. He's not dumb enough to make the same mistake she did -- and allow there to be photographic evidence!

Geez, is he ever going to be able to be in the presence of another attractive female without everyone assuming that he's a cheater?!?

Yeah, you're right. Probably not. But I guess that's just part of the deal when you're one half of the most famous couple in the world. (Man. It must really suck to be Rob sometimes.)

Do you think there's any chance that Rob cheated with this woman?

Image via Twitter

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