Prince Harry Parties 'til 10 A.M., as Every Military Man Should Be Able To

prince harryHe can try to fight it. But resistance is futile. Prince Harry loves to party, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Over the weekend, Uncle Harry was spotted exiting a party at 10:00. And that would be a.m., friends, not p.m. The soon-to-be fourth in line for the throne went to a friend's bash Saturday night, where "music was blasting" (you crazy kids!), and he was seen leaving the following morning looking "disheveled and bleary-eyed." Or as the world calls it: Hungover.

Naturally, tabloids were foaming at the mouth when they caught wind of this little nugget. Prince Harry leaving a party?! When will that rascal ever learn?!

But I'm kind of like, "Give the dude a break."


Not only is Harry young and single and not breaking any laws, the guy just got back from a 20-week deployment in Afghanistan. If he wants to blow off a little steam and hang out with friends, who are we to judge? Yes, he's part of the royal family and, hence, held to a different standard, but let's not forget: Not all princes serve in the military. It isn't all play and no work for Wills' brother, like it is for some princes. In fact, in a recent interview filmed in Afghanistan, Harry himself said: "I have always said work hard, play hard." After four months without -- as Tom Sykes of The Daily Beast puts it -- "as much as a sniff of a barmaid's apron", why shouldn't Harry celebrate his homecoming by imbibing with friends until the wee brunch-time hours of the morning? It isn't like he has a wife and kids to get home to. Let the guy live.

Hopefully, Harry learned from his Vegas escapades, and didn't drop trou at any point during the party. That wouldn't be good. But exiting a party at 10 a.m. after a deployment? Please. I say go for it, Harry. In fact, have a drink on me.

What do you think of this?


Image via Walking With the Wounded/Flickr

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