Kim Kardashian's Latest Maternity Outfit Is for the Birds

birdWe're only a few months in, and already, Kim Kardashian's maternity style is proving to be anything but your typical preggo uniform of leggings, a stretchy top, and a pair of flip-flops.

From sheer dresses to blouses that show off her humongous pregnancy boobs to chic basic black attire -- Kim's pregnancy outfits have managed to catch our attention and turn our heads, to say the least.

But her latest crazy get-up puts the rest of her maternity looks thus far to shame for sure.

And I'm not sure anyone other than Kim would dare to wear it, because it's kind of for the birds.


Ok, enough with the suspense. Check out these photos of Kim shopping in Paris with Kanye West -- in a fancy gown covered in white feathers.

OMG. Are you believing this little number?

Huh. I can't help but wonder what was going through Kim's head when she chose this particular eyesore frock. Maybe it was symbolic? You know, like she's building her nest, or something to that effect?

Or maybe she figured Paris was probably the only place she'd ever be able to get away with wearing an outfit that outrageous (while shopping, of all activities), so she simply decided to go for it?

Whatever the case, one thing's for sure: Kim definitely doesn't put comfort first when it comes to picking out her maternity duds -- or shoes, for that matter. Did you see how high those heels she had on were? Good grief!

When I was pregnant, I swore up and down that I'd wear heels right up until the time I delivered, but sure enough, by about month four, I was in flats and nothing but flats. Let's face it, they may look cute, but heels really aren't conducive to maintaining one's sense of balance while sporting a huge baby bump. (And swollen feet are no picnic either.)

I guess Kim is smart to step out in an outfit like this while she still can. Give it another month or two, and something tells me she'll probably stay feather-free rather than run the risk of looking like an oversized bird.

Would you wear something like this during your pregnancy?


Image via Eggybird/Flickr

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