Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Fight Over Parking Spot -- Let’s Guess Who Started It

chris brownLooks like Chris Brown hasn't managed to manage his anger issues after all. Late last night, the R&B performer allegedly got into an "all out brawl" with singer Frank Ocean over a parking spot at a recording studio in Los Angeles. According to the LA County Sheriff’s Department, "the altercation allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim."

TMZ is reporting that the fight started when Chris was going to leave the studio, and Frank and his crew blocked him. Ocean supposedly said: "This is my studio, this is my parking spot." Brown went to shake Ocean's hand and someone from Ocean's group attacked Chris. A source connected with Brown claims that at that point, one of Chris' friends jumped in and hit the alleged attacker. The source goes on to say that that's when Ocean came at Brown, and the two started brawling. 

However, Frank Ocean's Twitter is telling a different story.


At around 5:30 a.m., Ocean tweeted: "Just got jumped by Chris and a couple of guys. lol. I only wish Everest (his dog) was there."

If this account of what happened is accurate, both men (who have a history of not getting along) are guilty here. Blocking someone from leaving is asking for trouble. As is punching someone when they're trying to shake your hand. But still. I think what the majority of people will take away from this report is that Chris Brown still has serious issues, and Rihanna needs to take note.

Fans of Rihanna's were "overjoyed" when they learned that she and Brown were back together. But since Rihanna's really not one to give a shit what people think, I wouldn't count on her extricating herself from him any time soon. Unless you're a close friend of hers, it's kind of like, whatever RiRi, do what you want. But when you hear about an incident like this, you can't help but wince for her a little.

As I said, both dudes are wrong here. And if Ocean's the one who started it, he's more wrong. But let's not forget that the bulk of the account of what happened was told by someone who's associated with Chris, so it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I.E., Chris is probably more guilty than he seems.

What do you think of this?

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