Adam Levine's 'SNL' Digital Short 'YOLO' Is Instant Classic (VIDEO)

Last night Adam Levine, Andy Samberg, and Kendrick Lamar starred in the best digital short on "Saturday Night Live" since the hilarious Justin Timberlake "D*** in a Box" short. I know -- you doubt me. Go ahead and watch it because this is an instant classic if I've ever seen one. It's called "YOLO" -- which stands for You Only Live Once -- and I've watched it five times already because every time I watch it I catch some other little hilarious clip I missed the time before. I think Levine is trying to move in on Timberlake's territory and you know ... I think he's got a shot.


Just watch ... you will LOVE it.

You see what I mean? Instant classic. And Samberg's Lonely Planet team (that's the name of his production company) is ready for the onslaught of attention. They've got half a dozen t-shirts for sale with different sayings from the short. I think I need to petition them for one that says this:

YOLO: Stay away from kids cause their hair's full of mad lice.

Listen, I have kids so that line resonates even more with me. It's all in good fun, right?

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My only concern now is for Samberg -- because who knows what kind of jealous rage Timberlake will fly into once he realizes Levine might be Samberg's new guy. Maybe they will make the next one a threesome.

Did you love this digital short? Were there any lines that made you laugh out loud?


Image via TheLonelyIsland/YouTube

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