Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Makes Its Paris Debut in Major Style

kim kardashianPsst, hey, got a moment to chat about Kim Kardashian's baby bump? The Kimye bump made its debut at the Paris fashion shows this week and it was all the rage. I wouldn't be surprised if Kim started a new trend of women putting little baby bump-shaped pads under their trés-snug skirts.

But of course, no one does maternity wear quite like Kim does. Here she's in a tight black dress with a big fur coat on top -- way to look like a mama bear! (Now before we get all distracted into a fur debate, it could be faux fur, okay?) To get the full effect, you'll want to check out Us Weekly's zoom-inable photo. Kimye bump in extreme close-up! 


Ah, to be newly pregnant, well-funded, and stylish. Oh that we could be so well attired as well. You know that beginning stage where the bump doesn't exactly look like a baby bump? I spent much of that stage running around with an elastic looped through my jeans' top button to extend the waistline. Do you know that handy trick? It's HAWTTT. Also: Not tucking in your shirt. And yoga pants. Yup, stylin' early pregnancy looks. Ask someone else for those tips.

Like Ms. Kardashian here! Now we have the fashionista Kimye bump. It's going to be a fab pregnancy for us all. Can't wait to see what else she wears through her pregnancy.

What do you think of Kim's early pregnancy look?


Image via Splash News

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