Kim Kardashian Offers Kris Humphries $10 Million for Divorce & He's All Thanks but No Thanks

kim kardashianYou know how they say money talks? Well, it don't speak to no Kris Humphries, that's for sure. Apparently, Kim Kardashian offered her husband $10 million to give her a divorce, but Kris was all, nuh-uh, biatch. Kris doesn't want Kim's dirty money. He wants retribution. He wants to embarrass her like she embarrassed him. He wants her baby born a Humphries, no matter that it's not his, just to get under her skin. Ten mil is nothing when you've got revenge on the mind.

Stay strong, my man.


Frankly, I could give two shits about their divorce, but I saw the first episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Their Self Respect and Throw It Out Some Miami Hotel Room Window and the show sucked, duh, but what I found most annoying is how contrived the conversations were about Kim's divorce from Kris.

Were were supposed to feel sorry for Kim? Were we supposed to be like, Ohhhh, she's on the phone with her divorce attorney, this is so seeerious. Were we supposed to feel sympathetic when she says she's harboring a lot of (grunt! LOL! I'm throwing a plate!) anger about the proceedings, or lack thereof?

Because I didn't. I feel like she's reaping what she sowed. That she's lying in the bed she made, etc.

And if I were Kris, shoot. I'd turn down a pay-off, too. He's got his own money. Worth mentioning, though, that he says he's motivated to get an annulment because he's a religious guy and wants to be able to be married in a Catholic church should anyone be crazy enough to actually marry him again, but please. This isn't about God or Church -- it's about Counterinsurgency and Vindictiveness, which I can totally respect.

I hope Kris gets what he wants.

Do you?


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