'New Kids on the Block' Are Anything But ... Behold Their New Album Teaser! (VIDEO)

new kids on the blockHere's a bit of pop culture news sure to make you feel like you've fallen into some kind of time warp black hole vortex nightmare: The New Kids on the Block -- or NKOTB, as they insist on being called nowadays -- are coming out with a new album AND going out on tour with ... wait for it ... Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees! Um. Well, that's one way to avoid unemployment, I guess. Talk about Hangin' Tough.

Really, I don't begrudge these boyz turned menz a shot at squeezing out just a few more nostalgic cents from their strange success stories. It's just FUNNY. My first concert ever was a New Kids on the Block show -- my best friend's long-suffering dad drove a whole car-full of us obnoxious teenyboppers some two hours to at an amusement park filled with still more obnoxious teenyboppers to see the group. That was 25 years ago. Needless to say, neither our own lives nor the lives of the New Kids turned out exactly the way we pictured ...


Being adolescent girls, we would spend hours imagining not only our futures but those of NKOTB: Jon, the shy/weird one, would end up as a department store shoe salesman; Danny, the one nobody liked, would work in a gas station; Donnie, the "bad boy," would be in jail; Joey, the cute one, would be a leprechaun or something; Jordan, the dreamy one, would be Lovin' Us Forever, duh.

After watching the video clip below, I'm not sure if the reality is better than our fantasy or worse. Check it out and tell me ...

Will you buy tickets to see the New Kids on the Block when they go on tour?

Image via PerezTV

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