Sylvester Stallone Blackmailed by His Own Sister for Years & You Won't Believe for How Much

sylvester stalloneI've always kind of rolled my eyes at the "mo' money, mo' problems" concept, but it definitely seems to be true in Sylvester Stallone's case. First there was the tragic death of his son Sage, now comes the disturbing revelation that the 66-year-old actor was blackmailed for years by his late half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti. According to recently released documents, Stallone paid Filiti off in 1987 when she threatened to accuse him of abusing her physically for years -- even though Stallone always denied Filiti's accusations (and their mother, Jacqueline Stallone, still stands by her son).

And wait until you hear the astronomically high price he paid.


At "the height of his career," Lawyers drew up a settlement which required Stallone to play Filiti "$2 million plus an additional $16,666.66 per month for the duration of her lifetime, with a $50,000 a year trust for psychiatric and medical expenses." 

WOW. Just, wow. Who knew? It's so crazy to think that all these years, Stallone's mega-success was partially paying off a bogus debt to a blood relation. What did she do with all that money? (And how much money does Stallone have, anyway?!) According to their mother, Filiti was "a drug addict who would do anything for money." She passed away last year from lung cancer.

What a sad story, all around.

Did you have any idea Sylverster Stallone was being blackmailed for so many years by his own sister?

Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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