Lindsay Lohan & Pauly D. Hooked Up & Awww, That’s Kinda Perfect (VIDEO)

lindsay lohan pauly dWhen Lindsay Lohan isn't crashing cars or getting Botox or missing call-times on set, she's making out with Jersey Shore house member Pauly D. During an interview, Snooki spilled the beans that Lindsay Lohan and Pauly D. hooked up about three years ago when the whole cast was in Los Angeles for the first time, and out unce-unce-uncing at some club. Apparently, LiLo and Pauly had a make-out sesh, which, like, of course.


Of course they did. That just makes a lot of sense to me; they have a ton in common. I mean, they both love synthetic-looking hair, they've both become famous for partying, and they both enjoy filling their faces with an obscene amount of Restylane, or whatever it is that they inject.

After Snooki exposed the secret, she sort of tried to take her foot out of her mouth by saying she may have made it up, but please. Very little else in the world adds up, but LiLo and Pauly D. sucking face on the dance floor is something almost everyone can wrap their minds around.

Snooki's exact words were:

It was the first time in L.A. and I feel like [Lindsay] was flirting with Pauly — and I feel like they made out.

I, too, feel like they made out. I'm also wondering -- when it was time to go, did Pauly grab Lindsay's hand and exclaim, "Cabs are here!"? Hope so.

Watch Snooki divulge Pauly's secret:

Do you think Pauly and Lindsay made out?


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