Amanda Seyfried Talks Linda Lovelace & Makes Hilarious Popsicle Oral Sex Confession (VIDEO)

Amanda SeyfriedI can't say that I've ever particularly felt one way or the other about Amanda Seyfried before -- she's one of those blonde-haired, big-eyed actresses I always get confused with other blonde-haired, big-eyed actresses, even cartoon ones; like, wasn't she Rapunzel in Tangled? -- but now that I've seen her on Conan describing how she used a popsicle to simulate oral sex while filming the porn biopic Lovelace, this girl just shot to the top of my Starlet Radar.

You know how some celebrities are so interesting on the big screen but they just totally flop when they're doing a live interview? Amanda Seyfried is not that kind of celebrity. In fact, based solely on this appearance, I think if her movie career doesn't pan out she should just do the talk show circuit forever … with blowjobs as the main topic of discussion.


Seyfried was on Conan to chat about her role in the upcoming movie Lovelace, a biopic about the troubled life of Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace. Conan asked her how they went about filming such a movie without making it overly explicit, to which Seyfried sarcastically responded,

Well, you don’t actually have sex on film.

After Conan did his usual hand-flapping bit ("This is not the way I would have gone, but I’m not directing"), Seyfriend went on to say,

We simulate these things. And we don’t show any genitalia. For instance, Linda Lovelace is famous for ‘Deep Throat’ so I had to do some oral sex and we would use a popsicle which was great because it would make my lips wet and…inflamed. And then…honestly, I can’t believe I went that far just now. I’m sorry.

Okay, never mind the transcript, you have to see the interview for yourself:

How hilarious is that entire exchange? Conan's whole unhinged-around-an-attractive-woman routine makes him the perfect straight man for this conversation. I could pretty much watch Amanda Seyfried and Conan talk about sex ALL DAY LONG.

And also, I'm a little intrigued by this popsicle idea. I was already interested in the movie -- not because it's about porn, you dirty birds, but because it sounds like a fascinating and dark story -- but now I kind of want to pay extra attention to the moment when she's pretending to go down on Peter Sarsgaard. Because doesn't it seem like using a popsicle would be really uncomfortable after a while? Um, you guys, I have mouth frostbite and this thing melted five minutes ago so I'm basically deep-throating a STICK, can we call it a wrap?

Anyway, I kind of love Amanda Seyfried now for being so entertaining -- and for taking things WAY past the boundaries of good taste by confessing that the additional sound she recorded for the film included "slurping noises." Haaaaa.

Are you an Amanda Seyfried fan? Are you planning to see Lovelace?

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