'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere Details: The 'Real' Don Draper Is Coming Back

don draperNow that we have confirmation of the Mad Men season 6 premiere date (squee!), we know that we'll finally get a resolution from the steamy cliffhanger that left us wondering whether Don is "alone." If he'll return to his womanizing ways or actually continue to be loyally married to Megan? And if he does cheat, will he divorce her, or will they just make one another miserable? Sure, we'll have to wait 'til April 7, and maybe even well beyond that date for some much more concrete answers. 

But in the meantime, creator Matthew Weiner is actually talking (a bit!) about what we can expect from Don in season 6. And from the sound of it, fans will be very pleased by what's in store ...


Weiner, who usually is super tight-lipped about plot points, never really comes out and says what exactly is going to go down on the show, especially when it comes to his leading man. But in response to Entertainment Weekly's Q about what we can expect to see in Don's love life, he said:

What do you know about Don? He spent a season trying to have a domestic situation that is more familiar to most of us than his previous ones. He was in the glow of that marriage and interestingly enough — and it hasn’t really been commented on much other than from audience members that I talk to — Megan’s (Jessica Pare) independence was really a disappointment for him. It really changed his fantasy of what that relationship would be. Is he threatened by it? Is that the thing that drives him to be unfaithful? I don’t know.

Huh ... sounds like he does know, and he's just not telling us yet, amirite?! And also, sounds like he's discussing Don's love for and fantasy about Megan in the past tense ... which gives me the sense that their love may very likely be DOA come season 6.

But wait, there's more. He elaborated:

I felt like from “Tomorrowland” on, when Don asked Megan to marry him at the end of season 4, there was this strange shift where the audience felt like they were on the outside of him again. They thought he was going to pick Dr. Fay (Cara Buono). They thought he was dealing with psychological demons. He was trying to stop drinking. And all of the sudden he asked Megan to marry him in this very impulsive way and he had this goofy smile on his face, and they’re like, ‘I don’t know him anymore.’  A lot of last season was told from the outside of Don, seeing him try to act like the person who was in that relationship. And there was supposed to be something about that last moment of [the finale] where Don turns to the camera where you are back on the inside with him and I can say that it is an internal story this season. It’s what I’m interested in this point.

Awesome. I feel like I can safely say that is the story fans have mostly been interested in, as well. Something about watching him from the outside, not knowing this dopey-in-love, doting husband version of Don really did have us feeling like we were in foreign territory since the end of season 4. But now, it sounds like that is allabout to change. Like we're about to get really cozy with Don and all of his demons -- for better or worse. But if that means extra-juicy, super-sexy storylines that are on a whole new level (and I think it does!), it's definitely for better!

Are you looking forward to the return of being "back on the inside" with Don?


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