Brandi Glanville Rates Ex Eddie Cibrian High in the Bedroom -- She Knows They Broke Up, Right??? (VIDEO)

brandi glanville leann rimesBrandi Glanville, man. You can't help but love some parts of her. But other parts -- I.E., the parts that won't stop talking about ex-husband Eddie Cibrian -- make you go, "Damn, girl. already." The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was on Watch What Happens Live recently and she said that when she's in the same room as the father of her children, he "makes her skin crawl." Understandable. But then, after some prodding from host Andy Cohen, she admitted that he was a 9 out of 10 in the bedroom.


I'd be lying if I said this information wasn't sort of intriguing -- you know, from a "journalistic standpoint" -- but I can't help but think "enough already" every time Brandi talks about Eddie and LeAnn Rimes. I know that this was a huge part of her life -- and she was seriously screwed over -- but she's never going to get on with her life if she keeps talking/thinking/dreaming of them.

I get that Andy's the one who asked her a question, but she could've pleaded the fifth for this. When LeAnn tweets obnoxious things about her kids being "her boys", sure, that's grounds for Brandi to sound off. But other than that, give it a rest already. Silence is golden, child.

Check out a clip of Brandi talking about ex-lovah Eddie:


Image via Bravo

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