Robert Pattinson Meets Adoring Fans While Filming & How He Treats Them May Shock You

Robert PattinsonWhile filming his new flick, The Rover, in Australia, Robert Pattinson has encountered quite a few adoring fans who are nothing short of ecstatic about getting the chance to meet their favorite Twilight hunk.

Let's be honest, wouldn't you freak out a little bit if you happened to bump into RPattz while hanging out at a local bar -- or even the airport? (Sure you would.)

Well, when Rob landed at the airport down under, he was greeted by a group of girls who were eagerly anticipating his arrival.

And how he reacted towards them will probably shock you a little bit.


Not only did he acknowledge their presence -- he was actually really, really nice to them.

One of his fans, Tara Oberti, told E! News that she and the other girls weren't expecting Rob to be so nice to them. She added, "He was just, like, 'Thank you guys so much for coming and waiting for me, it means a lot.'"

(Aww! Who knew he was such a softie?)

He has always struck me as such a private, super-quiet guy, so it surprises me that he had no qualms about giving these girls the thrill of their life.

And get this one, apparently Tara and her pals ran into Rob again at a pub later that night, and he smiled in their direction because he recognized them from the airport. (Would've been a lot cooler if he'd bought them a drink, but still, it's nice that he noticed them.)

And then he even posed for a picture with them when they asked. OMG. Honestly, would you ever expect him to be that cool, especially knowing just how nuts most young girls are about him? It would be totally understandable for him to be hesitant about getting too close to fans, which makes his friendliness towards these girls even more endearing.

(As if we needed yet another reason to drool over him.)

Are you surprised at how open Rob was with his Australian fans?


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