'Real Housewives' Kim & Kyle Richards on 'DWTS'? Yes, PLEASE!

Kim and KyleDancing With the Stars is a great show we all love to watch, but the "drama" is almost always in the show itself -- how the "stars" get along with their trainer, whether or not injuries will derail the momentum, and who will go home at the end of the night. But now, rumors are heating up that two stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could be on the show.

To me this screams only one thing: BEHIND THE SCENES DRAMA. Wahoo! Bring it!

Kim and Kyle Richards are notorious for bringing almost nonstop drama to the Real Housewives franchise. Whether they are fighting or being besties, these two sisters always have something going on. Actually, Kim is the one that really brings the best drama.


There are so many reasons they would rock the show. In no particular order, here they are:

  • Sibling rivalry: These two sisters bring fights because they love each other. But also because -- let's face it -- siblings have a love/hate relationship. If one sister was better than the other ... well let's just say that would be fun, fun, fun! Also, they would be the first siblings on the show at the same time. Most people come on with no prior relationship, so this would be a new twist on the show.
  • Paris Hilton: She may not be that cool anymore, but she would probably come and sit in the audience, and come on now, we ALL want to see that. Be honest.
  • Unpredictability: Kim is sometimes sweet. She is sometimes crazy. You never know which Kim you will see and, of course, this makes it THAT much more fun to watch! Bring it!
  • Mauricio: Who does not want to see more Mauricio Umansky? I know I do!
  • They are REAL stars: Unlike Emily Maynard or other reality "stars," both Kim and Kyle have been in movies. They were both child stars, which makes them (gasp!) REAL stars. All the more reason they need to be on the show!

Would you like to see Kim and Kyle?


Image via Bravo

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