Prince Harry Blames Naked Photo Scandal on ... the Army? (VIDEO)

prince harryPrince Harry is back home after a tour in Afghanistan and has managed to mumble some half-intelligible things to the inquiring press about video games, his pending niece or nephew, and those naked photos. You remember, dontcha? It was late August when nude pics of the Prince in a Las Vegas hotel room were released to TMZ and everyone was all like, zomg, family jewels jokes. Welp, now we finally know what Harry really thinks about those snapshots.

He explained to the Telegraph that when he was caught with his pants down, he was acting more like a soldier than a prince. Uh, oh.


Harry! That's not what you're supposed to say! You're supposed to say something like, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I'm such an embarrassment, I don't know what I was thinking, yes, I too agree that William gets everything, riiiiight?"

That said, this is his direct quote:

It was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It's a simple case of that.

Simple case of the what now? Hare Bare needs to realize that the army doesn't want to own this behavior of his, either. They probably want as little to do with him jumping around butt naked with strange girls as the Palace does. Don't make it seem like all soldiers are careless partiers because that's just as not-cool as making it seem like all princes are careless partiers.

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If Harry wanted to blame his Las Vegas shenanigans on something, he could've taken a page from Jamie Foxx's songbook and blamed it on the al al al al al al-cohol. Another "acceptable" excuse would've been his age. At 28, he's still young enough to have a wild night without anyone batting an eye.

But Harry shouldn't worry. He's still our favorite ginger soon-to-be-fourth-in-line for the throne.

Do you think Prince Harry's apology is offensive to the army?

Photo via walking with the wounded/Flickr

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