Kourtney Kardashian's Thigh High Boots Are Perfect for Some Moms, Scary for Others (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianShe may be a "slob-kebob" to sister Kim Kardashian, but to me, Kourtney's hot. Her style isn't quite mine exactly, as she's more polished and structured and I'm more braless and hole-in-my-sock, but she always looks good. And on a recent solo outing to the Kardashian Khaos store in Vegas, Kourtney turned her hot mama status up a notch when she wore thigh high boots. Mamas, would you dare to wear this sexy, borderline dominatrix-y look?


I've been an on and off admirer of thigh high boots for years. Never bought them. Hell, never even tried on a pair. But there definitely is something intriguing about them. They look like a fun way to spice up an otherwise meh outfit. Take Kourt's dress in this photo for instance. It's cute and it's stylish and all. But it wouldn't quite be the same were she wearing pumps or booties with it.

Truth be told, I probably won't ever get a pair of these. This blog post is basically the equivalent of bookmarking a recipe I'll never in a million years make. They're just not me. Anything higher than a 1/2-inch heel makes me kind of uncomfortable. (Although they do make flat thigh-highs -- definitely food for thought.) But I admire mamas who do rock them -- it's a seriously chic look if you can pull it off.

Would you buy a pair of thigh high boots?


Image via Splash

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