Grandpa-to-Be Prince Charles Is the King of Baby Accessories (Who Knew?!)

Prince Charles baby shoesAll right moms, when you think of celebrities who are going to put their name on some baby products, who comes to mind? Jessica Alba? Snooki? How about Prince Charles? No? You didn't think immediately of Kate Middleton's father-in-law?

Well shame on you! The future king of England happens to have quite the array of baby goodies out on the market. And now for the weird part.


The pink booties, wooden mouse bookends, and other eco-friendly baby goodies sold on the Highgrove store site aren't there to herald the future royal baby. They're products Prince Charles put his stamp of approval on awhile back to raise funds for the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, a group of independent not-for-profit organizations of which The Prince of Wales is president.

In other words, you can buy a pair of flowery shoes with anti-slip soles that come in a fancy Highgrove box ... just because.

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It's a bit out of left field, isn't it? Prince Charles hasn't been parent of a baby in well over two decades, and of course we won't get to see his new grandbaby for several months.

Then again, as far as celebrity endorsed products go, it's certainly not the strangest (that prize may go to Mikhail Gorbachev shilling for Pizza Hut back in the '90s). And there's certainly a call for royal "stuff" from Anglophiles in all corners of the globe. Just yesterday I saw doggie doody bags covered in the Union Jack! Why shouldn't new moms get their taste of England by ordering up some shoes fit for a prince or princess?

By the way, all these items are on sale at the moment. Maybe they're making way for the baby goods that have Kate and William's approval? A mom can dream!

Who is your favorite celebrity endorsing baby products these days?


Image via Highgrove

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