Jenelle Evans & Ex Gary Head Shouldn't Be 'Talking' Again

Jenelle EvansIt hasn't even been a week since we learned Jenelle Evans is going to be a mother ... again, and already she's back to her old tricks. The pregnant Teen Mom 2 star accused husband of two minutes (and baby-daddy-to-be) Courtland Rogers of cheating, but it seems Jenelle has a secret of her own. And the plot thickens!

Remember Gary Head? Head is her one-time fiance, and Jenelle has a court order that requires Gary to stay away from her. But since when did a little thing like a court order mean anything?


Gary has openly admitted on Twitter that he and Jenelle have been talking. Not only that -- she actually messaged him! Gary says Jenelle is just being a friend to him when he needs it most, but this is a guy who she had arrested for domestic violence. He's not the type she needs to let back into her life, not as a pregnant woman, not as a married woman. And understandably, Courtland is pretttttttty PO'd. As he said on Twitter:

And I am glad to know hat somebody has just sent me. A screenshot of jenelle and gary talking today ! TODAY

He has a point ... but what happened to growing up and letting go? Both of them?

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Instead of an apology, Jenelle has changed her Twitter profile picture -- replacing a photo of Courtland with one of Jace -- and is retweeting negative comments from fans about her husband.

This is not the stable marriage ready to bring a baby into this world that this poor kid needs. We have Courtland going out drinking and maybe or maybe not cheating (he says no). We have Jenelle talking to her ex-fiance and hiding it from her husband. And instead of letting bygones be bygones and deciding to more forward as one, these two continue to act like spiteful children.

Until these two let go of the past, they can't have a future!

Do you see Jenelle moving on any time soon? What would it take to make this marriage work?


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