Bethenny Frankel's 'New Boyfriend' Will Be a Knife in Jason Hoppy's Heart

bethenny frankelWith Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce under (public) way, lots o' details/truths/rumors/facts/falsities are emerging regarding what exactly went on in their relationship. Other than their general disdain for one another, what contributed to the couple's demise? Where is Bethenny living right now? And is she seriously dating billionaire Warren Lichtenstein already?

Many reports are claiming that in the wake of her split with Jason, Bethenny has taken to hedge fund mogul Lichtenstein for support. AKA, many reports are claiming that in the wake of her split with Jason, Bethenny has taken to dating hedge fund mogul Lichtenstein. AKA, many reports are claiming that in the wake of her split while she was still married to Jason, Bethenny started dating Lichtenstein. Not cool.


No outlet, at least to my knowledge, has full-blown come out and said that Bethenny and Warren Lichtenstein are more than friends, but there's a whole lot of insinuating going on. Photos of Bethenny and Lichtenstein pasted next to one another are popping up everywhere. Reports of how Bethenny has been staying at his $6 million Upper East Side apartment abound. And there's even a story going around about how Bethenny went on a vacation with Lichtenstein to Hong Kong last year without Jason. Friends of Bethenny's, however, have come to her defense, saying that "Bethenny and Warren have been great friends for more than 20 years and he has really been a support system during this sad time."

I don't claim to be Bethenny Frankel's biggest fan in the world, but sheesh. Cut a woman -- and a dude (Jason) -- some slack here. I get that any famous male or female who talks to someone of the opposite sex is automatically dating them, but is it that really inconceivable that Bethenny is just friends with this guy?

Understandably, reports like these are going to incense Bethenny, as no one wants to look like a cheater (especially when they're not). But there's Jason -- and Bryn! -- to think about, too. Even if he full-well knows that there's not anything going on with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and this Lichtenstein dude, I'm sure it has to be pretty awful seeing stories like this online and in every rag mag.

Sadly, I think this divorce -- and the media storm that surrounds it -- is only going to get worse. When you build a career off of living your life in the public eye, the bad times are no exception. Bethenny, Jason, I suggest you avoid all media in the upcoming months. I have a feeling this Warren Lichtenstein drams is only the beginning.

Do you think Bethenny is dating anyone?

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