Kardashians Latest Victims of 'Swatting' Prank & Kim Totally Freaks Out

kim kardashianThe Kardashian-Jenner family just got massively pranked, and no, Ashton Kutcher and the Punk'd crew don't appear to have been behind it this time. 15 SWAT members were sent to Bruce and Kris Jenner's home yesterday, after an unidentified caller claimed a shooting had taken place at the mansion -- all part of an elaborate prank called "swatting." Kylie and Kendall Jenner and their dad, Bruce -- who posed for an Instagram photo with all of the police officers -- found it amusing. But Kim Kardashian panicked, tweeting, "Just got a call from my mom telling me about this prank call that someone was shot in their home & 15 swat team & 3 helicopters showed up!”

This occurred just one day after Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills home got "swatted." After cops got a call about an armed robbery in progress at the actor's home, his residence was swarmed by police. Ugh.


Look, I don't have much, if any, love for either the ridiculous Kardashians or creepy Tom Cruise. And yes, they're public people who have to expect to have their privacy somewhat compromised from time to time. (Especially Kardashians, whose livelihoods are their private lives.) But these "swatting" pranks are just plain insane!

Thankfully, no one was threatened or hurt by either incident, but it's a complete waste of time and energy for the SWAT members. Not to mention that it set a scary precedent. What if there was an actual shooting or robbery going on at a celeb's home, and authorities were skeptical, no thanks to pranks like these?

Sure, Kim may have been a bit dramatic. But really, can you blame her? There's more to this than just a silly, all-in-good-fun prank. As she tweeted:

These prank calls are NOT funny! People can get arrested for this! I hope they find out who is behind this. Its dangerous & not a joke!

I couldn't agree more.

How do you feel about celebs being targeted by these pranks? Do you agree with Kim?


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