Did Sheryl Crow Ever Lie for Ex-Fiance Lance Armstrong?

The world is not-so-stunned at Lance Armstrong's long overdue admission that he was doping during his record breaking wins with the Tour de France. And now the world wants to know -- how much did Sheryl Crow know? The singer was engaged to the cyclist when he won twice. Why does the world want to know how much she knew? Err, cause she's famous, of course. And we're nosy like that. But an even bigger question than Did she know? is Did she lie about it?


Reportedly, Sheryl was interviewed by the feds in 2011 and gave information about the doping scandal. But what kind of information? While the Wall Street Journal reported that she knew a lot about what was going on -- she has never spoken publicly about it. I wonder if that will change after Lance's mea Oprah.

Should a girlfriend ever lie for a boyfriend? If they'd been married, I suppose she could have pleaded the fifth. Luckily, Sheryl was never in a position where she was reliant on Lance to pay the bills for her and her kids. Sheryl does just fine for herself, thank you very much.

I don't think a wife or girlfriend should ever lie for her man -- especially not to the feds -- but I could certainly understand being in her position and thinking, "I don't know anything about this cycling world. He says everyone does it. He must know more about it than I do."

But once the feds came a knocking, I'd start spilling. I think. I imagine if I was counting on a man to pay my way and my kids' way, it'd be a harder decision than that. (One more reason to support yourself if you can.)

Since Lance's teammates have said they knew about the doping, it wouldn't shock me if he'd said something to Sheryl -- or if she just put two and two together.

Do you think Sheryl knew? Would you lie for your man?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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