Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Split Leaves Rob A Moody Mess

Robert PattinsonDespite releasing a crazily ridiculous movie at the end of 2012, Robert Pattinson has been having a rough couple of months. The guy was cheated on, then he was the bigger person and because of his overwhelming love for girlfriend Kristen Stewart, they reunited. Not there's all this buzz about whether he and Kristen have called it quits yet again. Allegedly, Rob told Kristen he needs some space and wants to cool things off. Rob and Kristen donezo?! Can it really be??

The really sad part? There are reports of him walking around completely disheveled while filming in Australia. You know, "wearing all black," looking miserable, that kind of stuff. This is what I have to say to that: OF COURSE HE IS. Man, people. If Rob and Kristen are really having serious issues and they're over, then heck, if I was him I'd be a total mess too.

Take it easy on him, eh?


No matter who puts a stop to a relationship and ends things, breaking up is hard for all parties involved. You've invested your time and so much of yourself into a relationship, which takes a lot of work and a lot of heart. Your whole routine changes, your day-to-day isn't the same, and your new style of life involves a whole lot of adjusting. You know what though? Everyone goes through it now and again.

I can't imagine what it's got to be like for Rob. After finding it within himself to get over the whole cheating scandal, maybe now he's realizing that he's not really past it. Maybe, like he said, he really just needs some space to breathe for a while. After hearing Rob and Kristen coo over each other time and time again, though, something tells me that if they're taking some time apart, there's no way this duo is actually done for good.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are over? Or is this all hype?


Image via Splash News

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