Liz Hurley Spat With Reporter Caught on Camera & It's Not Pretty (VIDEO)

Liz Hurley and Shane WarneIf you happen to see beautiful British actress Elizabeth Hurley in an airport, beware. She does not like to make small talk, as a reporter recently found out the hard way.

According to Stuff, she and her fiance Shane Warne were at the Perth airport this morning, when reporter Caty Price came upon them. She was trying to ask about the game between the Melbourne Stars and the Perth Scorchers (Perth won). When the reporter accidentally walked in front of Liz while doing so, she knocked into her a bit (or Liz purposely walked into her?). Liz got a little pissy and said, "Don't you know it is rude to stand in front of people." That wasn't too bad, but it was after that that Liz showed a pretty bitchy side.


Price told Fairfax radio:

'Then I asked her what she thought of the game last night, she spun around on her heels, and mouthed close up to my face 'I think you should f*ck off'.

Harsh! But even that wasn't as bad as the huge smirk on Liz's face after the whole incident. Seriously, after she spun around and started strutting away, she looked so damn pleased with herself. Like she had lived for that moment.

And who knows, maybe she has. For years she's spoken about her hatred for the paparazzi and their intrusive ways. So maybe this was her moment, that she just had to unleash. It wasn't pretty, but I get irritable in airports too, even without reporters asking me annoying questions. It's not like she punched her or went all Naomi Campbell on the woman either. I'm sure Price will survive and probably even bask in the afterglow of having been told to f*ck off by such a famous actress.

Here's the video footage captured of the incident. See what you think.

 Do you think reporter deserved it? Or was Liz way out of line?


Image via YouTube

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