Britney Spears' Las Vegas Headline Gig Is Going to Blow Celine Dion Off the Strip

britney spears She may have given up her The X-Factor gig and broken up with her fiance, but don't feel bad for Britney Spears! Sounds like the pop star is going to be juuuust fine -- as soon as she seals a lucrative deal to be a headliner in VegasTMZ reported last week that there was buzz she was in serious negotiations with "one of the Caesars properties" to perform several nights a week on a regular basis, as well as make regular appearances at several clubs and pool events. There was also another rumor flying around that she had already signed a $200 mil., two-year deal with Caesars ...

But TMZ says the real story is that no deal is done, and there's actually a war on among three Las Vegas properties who want BritBrit as their headliner. Whoa! Awesome!


Above and beyond that, there aren't too many more details on what Brit could score, but sources say she'll likely get $100 mil. a year or more. That's what Celine Dion took home, and insiders are anticipating that a Britney-headlining gig would bring in even more concert-goers. And you know, I wouldn't argue with that for one second.

Britney Spears and Las Vegas are a match made in pop star heaven. For one thing, the steady gig would offer her -- and her boys! -- more stability than being on the road or even shooting a show like X Factor that requires her to travel on occasion. For another, it would make going to see Brit even more fun and easy for fans who would usually just be waiting around for her next big tour to come through town. And if her show manages to be a really amazing, Vegas-ish spectacle -- which we've totally seen her pull off in the past -- I'd bet people who aren't necessarily Brit fans or concert-goers would go just to go. And love it.

Here's hoping one of these three properties offers Brit the deal she deserves! And no matter where she lands, I have a feeling her Sin City show is sure to be a smash.

Would you see Brit in Vegas? Do you think this is the perfect gig for her?


Image via petercruise/Flickr

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