Kim Kardashian Vs. Kate Middleton: The Great Pregnancy Smack-Down

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Two women who both have a bit of a cult following, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, are pregnant now. You may or may not have heard about this since, really, neither one of them is very mainstream, but it's true: They're with-child in-tandem. And although these two ladies are vastly different from one another in every way (save for shiny hair and a penchant for Monty Python), their pregnancies are beginning to eerily parallel each other. So, let's do a quick rundown and comparison of these two moms/mums-to-be, shall we? Here's The Great Kate Middleton/Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Smack-Down: Whose Bump Reigns Supreme?


Comparison 1: Their Bumps. Thus far, we haven't seen much from either lady in terms of their baby bumps. Really, nothing at all from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Teeny little thing. Kim has a small, protruding belly going on, and she's taken to wear large, bulky clothing that can give the illusion of there being a little something there. So if there had to be a "Best Bump" award given out, it would go to Kim. But by default.

Comparison 2: Their Due Dates. It's been made public recently that both women have July due dates. Or, more specifically, the Palace announced that the Duchess is predicted to give birth in July, and Kim Kardashian went, "Me too, me too, me too!!!!" It's going to be a photo finish down the vaginal canals, guys, but my money's on the Duchess. Kim Kardashian will hold that sucker in for as long as she can. She will not grant denouement-status to anyone else.

Comparison 3: Their Nurseries. There really isn't much comparing here, other than the fact that Kim is reportedly copying Kate Middleton's baby bedroom ideas, down to the furniture. Not cool, Kim, not cool. But, hey, wouldn't it be funny if Kim was so engrossed in copying Kate's every design that she wound up mindlessly stenciling Kate's baby's name on her wall like cheating kids do when they write the name of the person whose test they're copying?

Comparison 4: The "Help." As of now, Kate and Wills are sticking to their guns that they don't want a nanny, only a servant. In other news, Kim wants Kourtney to breastfeed her kid.

Comparison 5: Their Maternity Style. Thus far, Kate has only made one public appearance since we found out she was pregnant, and it was when she was leaving the hospital for acute morning sickness. So, really, not too much to report there. Though I think it's safe to say she'll look amazing throughout her gestation. Kim has made some bold maternity choices so far, but has looked lovely nonetheless, as she's a very beautiful woman. I cannot declare a winner here, because it's like choosing between my two children (one who I really love, the other who I think is kind of annoying).

And there you have it. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute bumpdates on both Kate Middleton's and Kim Kardashian's pregnancy. Babies! Yay!

Whose pregnancy are you more excited about: Kate's or Kim's?


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