'Mama' Horror Movie Will Scare Moms Most of All -- Bring It!

Mama movieGuillermo del Toro is famous for Pan’s Labyrinth and other supernatural and sometimes terrifying fare, but his latest, the new movie Mama, has been terrifying all of us with its previews for months. With good reason.

It’s pretty dang terrifying. But it is not JUST terrifying. It is also the story of a mother’s love and the twisted, obsessive way it can grow. As a mom, it is easily recognizable. The film tells the story of Victoria and Lily, two little girls lost in the woods after their father murdered their mother and two of his colleagues and then was murdered himself in a strange and unexplained attack in a secluded cabin.

Five years later, the girls are found and taken in by their uncle and his live-in girlfriend (Jessica Chastain). It quickly becomes apparent they did not return alone and that something is “taking care” of them and did the same in the woods. Can’t tell any more without spoilers, but trust me. This is a must-see for parents.


It’s not even that it is scary. Though it is. It is also just a universal truth of parenthood. We raise our children, love them, give them everything we have. And then they leave us.

Most of us are not vengeful ghosts bent on destroying everyone we see and know. But most of us can at least relate to the overwhelming love a parent has for a child. That is the heart of this film. It all started when Del Toro saw a short made by director Andrés Muschietti. See below:


Creepy, right? It was so creepy, they teamed up to turn it into a feature film. This is the preview below:


Yes. It is every bit as scary as it looks. I must have jumped 15 times in my seat and clutched my husband during our screening. But it also has a message that will ring true to any mom who has felt like she loved her children a bit much. And, be honest, that’s all of us sometimes, right?

Shiver. Yes. It still gets to me. Just see it. You won’t be sorry.

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