Mysterious Kardashian ‘Cousin’ Actually Might Be the Real Deal

kardashian kousinI'm not a Kardashian, so I can't say this with any real authority, but I'm pretty sure once you hit the Kardashians' level of fame and fortune, there are suddenly lots and lots of "long-lost relatives" desperately trying to get in touch with you. I mean, these people must be coming out of the woodwork everywhere you go! Like, you go to order an iced coffee and the barista is all, Hey, my mother's brother's friend's boyfriend's niece's last name is Kardashian, so we're totally related! Wanna come over later and play Monopoly?! Or you're at the dentist and the hygienist gives you a two-hour dissertation on how the branches of your family trees cross when all you want to do is close your eyes and pretend your gums aren't throbbing?!

Well, at first, I assumed "life coach" and personal trainer Ron Kardashian was doing just that -- the celeb coattail-riding thing -- when he came forward as the third cousin of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe.


We don't need no stinking third cousin on any of the Kardashian shows! (Remember what Cousin Oliver did to The Brady Bunch?!) But I think maybe I underestimated the guy. Maybe he's not such bad news after all. Here are four clues I found in this clip of Ron Kardashian getting interviewed in a parking lot -- see if you can spot 'em:

See, not such a bad guy, right? Here are the four clues:

1. He CORRECTS the reporter's mistake, demoting himself to cousin from brother. Hey, he's sorta honest!

2. He admits NOT getting invited to family reunions -- again, honest!

3. He likes kids!

4. He seems nicer than Scott Disick!

What do you think?

Should the Kardashian family invite this guy to their next party?

Image via TMZ

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