Epic ‘Toy Story’ Live Action Remake Took 2 Years, 150 Actors & 2 Dedicated Geeks (VIDEO)

live action toy storyIt's probably safe to assume one universal truth about all of us: Everyone loves the Toy Story series. When the first film came out in 1995 (holy crap, I'm old), it was a visual and cinematic revelation in computer animation. And damn, was it adorable. When the third one came out in 2010, many predicted there was no way it could top the previous two, but it did. Oh, how it did. I haven't met anyone who couldn't get through the incinerator scene without crying out for their mother.

But if you thought you were a complete geek about it, you got nothing on Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta. These guys spent the last two years making a live-action version of Toy Story. According to TIME, they used 150 actors (mostly friends and family members), a whole bunch of puppets, stop-motion animation, and the score and sounds from the original film to put this all together.

The entire glorious 80 minutes of the film were then posted on YouTube a few days ago. And you have to check it out.


If you have a moment to spare, just go ahead and watch the first few minutes. You'll be hooked and want to watch the rest and try to figure out how they pulled this whole thing off, trust me.

Can you even imagine the time it took having to painstakingly re-create each and every shot from Toy Story? It's crazy, and amazing, and mind-blowing, and oddly entertaining. Pauley, who is 19, and Perrotta, who is 21, both from Arizona, were inspired to start the Live-Action Toy Story Project shortly after seeing Toy Story 3. Their Facebook page tracked their progress, and they posted behind-the-scenes photos as well as teasers and trailers. The entire thing was uploaded on January 12, and it already has 3.2 million views as of January 15. To say it's gone viral is an understatement.

To top it off and to make these guys' nerdy dreams come to fruition, someone from Pixar caught on to what was happening, and they invited the duo to company headquarters. They were even able to hand out DVDs of their film in front of the studio.

From the brilliant child actors to the freakin' amount of patience this must have taken to the creative stop-motion animation to finding a borrowed, talented dog named Spud, they deserve all of this praise and more. Pixar, give these guys a job!

What do you think of this live action version of Toy Story? Did you love the original series?


Image via jonasonsMovies/YouTube

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