'Mad Men' Season 6 Teaser: Will Betty Draper Try to Compete With Megan? (PHOTO)

january jones brunetteThe Mad Men season 6 premiere is right around the corner -- or so we're hoping -- but since creator Matt Weiner has kept most of the plot details on serious lockdown, we've been left to our own devices. Seeking out any lil' clue that could hint at a possible plot point. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking there may be something behind January Jones' recent transformation from blonde to brunette and now back to blonde!

Seems like the Barbie blonde ice queen Betty has always been floundering around for a sense of identity. In season 5, she struggled with weight gain and, in turn, a bruised body image. And remember when she showed up at Don and Megan's NYC apartment that one time and stared enviously as the new Mrs. Draper flaunted her young, slim body? I feel like there may have been more to that than a passing wave of jealousy ...


As in, maybe January's brief foray into brunette-dom has something to do with a big, metaphorical Betty makeover? Maybe she actually tries to LOOK MORE LIKE MEGAN?? Cuz she wants Don back?! OMG! Or maybe Henry decides to run for office and wants her to be more Jackie than Marilyn? OR ... maybe she's finally read Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique and is dyeing her hair in an act of women's lib-fueled rebellion?

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Hey, these are all totally valid possibilities! Then again, being that January did dye her hair back to blonde, and it seems as though they're still filming. So it could mean that Betty goes back to her blonde ice queen roots after all. Whatever the case, I'm thinkin' there are some big changes for Betty this season ... I can feel it!

Do you think Betty will go brunette in season 6? What do you think could be the reason?

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