Kim Kardashian Wants to Trademark Her Baby's Name

Kim KardashianUgh. I really, really want to be happy for her now that she's pregnant and all, but after hearing that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner may be planning on trademarking her baby's name, I can't help but be a little bit appalled. I mean, Kim is only like three months along or so, and already she has a marketing plan in place on how to make as much dough off the baby she's expecting? (Seriously, what's up with that?)

Yep, according to a new report in Star magazine, Kim already has plans to trademark her little one's moniker. A source says, "Kim and Kris are already working overtime to line up as many endorsement deals as possible."

Endorsement deals? For a baby who isn't even born yet? Man. That's pretty extreme, even for the Kardashians.


And apparently Kanye West isn't happy about their plans at all. An insider says, "Kanye is all about marketing his career, but family is important to him, and using their baby as a moneymaker disgusts him."

(Wow. Maybe Kanye's way more of a stand-up dude than any of us imagined.)

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Seriously, if this is true, and Kim and her mom really are plotting and planning all sorts of money-making schemes to put into play once the newest Kardashian arrives, well, that's just sad.

The time spent welcoming a new baby into the family is sacred and special, and for most people, it doesn't exactly include a detailed marketing plan. And how does any mom-to-be even have time for that sort of thing? Heck, when I was pregnant with my son, it's a miracle that my husband and I even managed to get the nursery ready in time, let alone hash out a plan for our kid's economic success.

And I know they're a showbiz family and it's kind of in their nature to want to capitalize on everyone and everything in their lives, but still -- a new baby is a miracle, not one big, fat dollar sign.

I don't care how rich or famous a person is, there's simply no excuse for treating your baby like a business opportunity -- period.

Do you think Kim is really making plans to turn her baby into her own, personal cash cow?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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