Kim Kardashian Looks Hot With Bangs -- Even if She Is a Kate Middleton Copycat (PHOTO)

kim kardashianAre you sitting down? If so, stand up. Kim Kardashian cut bangs. And these bangs are for real this time. None of that clip-on bull shit she tried to fool everyone with a few months ago. We're talking actual short hair wisping down onto the front of her celebrity head. Okay, now you can sit down. Try to digest this. It's a lot, I know. Deep breaths. Small sips of water.


Here's the thing: I actually didn't think Kim Kardashian would look good with bangs. I mean, I knew she would look good, as she looks good in anything. (No matter how much of a yahoo you think this woman is, you're a lying liar if you say she isn't ... aesthetically pleasing.) I thought she was more a bangless babe, though. She's always wearing her hair in those gigantic pouf styles, or tight, slicked-back buns. And it looks hot. In all seriousness here -- Kim's best accessory is her face. I always figured: Why obscure it at all?

But I'm wrong, apparently. Kim Kardashian has managed to shock and amaze me again. She looks fantastic with bangs. This actually might be more surprising than her pregnancy.

I wonder if she chopped these bad boys because Kate Middleton did? Is she trying to be The Duchess's pregnancy twinsie? She is copying her nursery, isn't she? I wonder what will come next? Perpetually kohl-rimmed eyes and a puppy named Lupo?

Only time will give us an answer to this nail-biter. But in the meantime we can all rest easy knowing that it's true: Kim Kardashian does look good with real bangs after all. Life's funny, isn't it?

Have you ever cut bangs?


Image via Splash

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