‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 16 Loses Its Classiest Pick

Since the presidential campaign ended last fall, many people have been wondering what the Romney’s plans for the future are. Whatever they are, they apparently don’t include a turn on the dance floor for season 16 of Dancing with the Stars.

Ann Romney, the wife of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was in talks with DWTS executives about an appearance on the show, sources say. She was “very interested,” but ultimately decided against it.


I can hardly blame her! It goes to show what a remarkably strong and adventuresome woman she is that she was even considering it. She has got to be tired. Very tired.

Her husband has basically been running for president for the past six years. Before that, she was the First Lady of Massachusetts. Before that they relocated to Utah to head up the Olympics. Before that she was a mom to five boys and the wife of a businessman with an incredibly demanding job. Oh yeah, she battled breast cancer in there somewhere, and she was diagnosed with MS.

How is she still standing, let alone debating whether or not to appear on a very physically challenging show? I’d be calling for the Xanax from my cabana on the beach while my masseuse worked the knots out of my shoulders.

Still … it would have been very cool to watch Mrs. Romney strut her stuff, and even cooler to watch Mitt in the audience look at her with the same love, pride, and adoration that he always does. They really are the sweetest couple.

Which celebrity would you like to see on Dancing with the Stars?

Image via marcn/Flickr

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