'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' DVD Will Take Us Behind the Scenes of 'Twilight' Like Never Before (VIDEO)

breaking dawn part 2 dvd It feels like it was just yesterday we were highly anticipating the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in theaters, wondering what Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would look like walking the premiere red carpet, and discussing how it would all end (what would the twist be?!). Ahh, good times, eh? Now the magic is over, and the happy Twilight lovebirds, whilst supposedly reunited, may be on the brink of another, final breakup. Wah! But that doesn't mean we can't relive the good ol' days! Or, err, just bring the film home when it comes out on Blu-ray, 2-disc DVD, On Demand and Digital Download on March 2!

If that feels like way too long to wait for your Bella and Edward fix, have I got the solution for you! There's a hot new trailer for the DVD, chock-full of KStew and RPatz! Check it out ...


Cool glimpse behind the scenes! Love hearing Stephenie Meyer talk about how psyched she was to see Bella's transition to vampirehood. I'd venture to guess that as the writer, this final chapter of the Saga was especially amazing for her to watch come together. Sounds like they all were enthralled by the process -- and the end result.

And for Twi-hards who haven't gotten their fill of behind-the-scenes, this DVD is gonna be sweeeet. It features a seven-part "making of" documentary. Yeesh! Sounds like something Twi-hards will definitely find worth waiting 'til midnight on March 2 for ...

Are you psyched for the BD: Part 2 DVD and all its special features?


Image via LionsgateShop/YouTube

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