Lena Dunham's 'Chad Lowe Thank You' Was a Little Bit Funny & a Little Bit Rude (VIDEO)

lena dunhamWas anyone else initially confused when they heard Lena Dunham thank Chad Lowe last night during her acceptance speech for Best Television Comedy at the Golden Globes? I was like, wha? Did she have a crush on him when she was younger or something? And what does her mom have to do with this? What is going on here? Then a short while later, I was like, "Ohhhh, she was thanking him because Hilary Swank -- his wife at the time -- never did."

Kind of sweet. Also -- kind of dick?


We all remember in 2000 when Hilary Swank won the Oscar for Best Actress for Boys Don't Cry -- and how she forgot to thank her husband, poor Chad Lowe. Majorly awks. And it wouldn't have been so bad if they were still happily married to this day. But that's not the case. The couple sadly split shortly thereafter, offering a weird, uncomfy glimpse into what life may have been like at Swank/Lowe Manor. (I.E., Lots o' Hilary, lots o' the time?) So the fact that Lena brought that up again for the sake of a joke is kind of like -- aw, man, really dude?

That said, though, it was clever. And it was very Lena -- brash, unapologetic, funny, and smart. And Chad Lowe definitely didn't seem to mind, so I guess whatever, right? He tweeted the messages: "Congrats to @lenadunham on your Golden Globe win. But, seriously? You forget to thank me?! After all we've been through? I'm shocked," and "Dearest @lenadunham YOU COMPLETE ME." So yeah, clearly he's over it. And, hey, Lena even knows the joke was "edgy", saying: "[I did it] because Hilary Swank forgot. And because I'm an asshole."

So, at the end of the day, I guess you can't really hate on Lena Dunham for this semi-cringe-worthy joke -- not just because she's undeniably awesome, but because her self-deprecating joke after her joke sort of absolves her from any accountability. (Right?) Unless of course you're Hilary Swank. Then yeah, things are probably weird.

What did you think of Lena's Chad Lowe joke?

Image via NBC/YouTube

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