Kate Middleton's Due Date Reveals Baby Will Be a 'Giver' Just Like Princess Di

Kate MiddletonHave you heard the big news? Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby is due in July, so now we know exactly how long we have to wait to "meet" their first born. The Palace made the statement earlier today, and while the idea of a summer royal baby is exciting -- how in the world are we going to get through the next six months without any more details on the future king or queen?!?

That's right -- a source has confirmed that William and Kate don't plan on spilling the beans as far as the sex of their baby goes, so I guess we're just going to have to try and guess whether Kate is carrying a boy or a girl based on old wives' tales and the like.


But let's revisit the July due date for a minute, because it may tell us more about the royal baby and give us a little insight as to what his or her personality will be like.

Depending on which day in July the little one makes his or her arrival, the birth will fall under the astrological sign of either Cancer or Leo.

If the child is born anywhere from July 1 (which also happens to be Princess Diana's birthday) to July 23, he/she will be a Cancer. Typical characteristics of Cancers include being loving, faithful, instinctive, sympathetic, and charitable. (Gee. Do those traits sum up Wil, Kate, and Princess Diana perfectly, or what?)

But if Kate and William's mini-me shows up between July 24 and July 31, he/she will be a Leo. Common personality traits for Leos include being ambitious, motivated, loyal, majestic, and, like Cancer, charitable.

Isn't it wild how both Leo and Cancer seem to have many of the attributes you'd expect of a prince or princess? Hmm. It's almost like this baby is due in July for a reason -- like his or her birth is literally written in the stars or something. It really doesn't matter which date this baby happens to be born on -- he/she is ideally suited for life as a royal. And if the little one happens to arrive on the cusp of the two signs, that'll be even better. A prince or princess who is both faithful and loving, yet ambitious, majestic, and charitable? Yep, that sure sounds pretty regal to me.

When in July do you think the baby will come?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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