Tom Cruise Crazy Aliens Theory Is the Least of His Problems

Tom CruiseRemember when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch, and America started to think he was a little nutty? The way a new tell-all book from a Pulitzer Prize winning author tells it, that was one of his good days! The Tom Cruise that writer Lawrence Wright is introducing in his expose is a guy on a mission to protect us from aliens!

That's only a small portion of what Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & The Prison of Belief wants us to believe about the guy was once the hottest actor in Hollywood. And believe it or not, it's not what makes Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman sound like the luckiest women on the planet for getting away from Tom.


A break-down of Wright's book in the New York Post this weekend revealed a guy who is said to have broken up with a girlfriend for having the audacity to suffer cramps during dinner. Naz Boniadi's menstrual moment was reportedly a disrespect to a high-ranking crazy pants Scientologist like Cruise.

And this guy has gotten three living, breathing women to marry him? I'd take the dork living in Mom's basement at 25 over the jerk who dismisses you for daring to have a period any day of the week, wouldn't you?

It's the Scientology belief that we have alien life forms within us that are trying to destroy humankind that is getting all the buzz right now because -- hello -- Tom Cruise believes we have aliens inside us, and he wants to vanquish them!

But there's crazy. Then there's cruel.

The Tom Cruise that this book is showing us is a guy who doesn't seem to have any respect for the human life he supposedly wants to protect (you know, from the aliens). Instead he comes off as a guy who treats women like chattel: auditioning wives, dumping a wife while she was pregnant (that would be Kidman who allegedly had the DNA from her miscarried fetus preserved to prove it was Tom's), and more. 

For the women in his life, this is the stuff that can be downright dangerous. And for Americans, this is the stuff that should really make us re-evaluate whether we want to watch this guy's movies. Like the racist ranting from Mel Gibson that shut down his career, these claims -- if there is truth to them of course -- really need to push Tom Cruise out of theaters.

Do you want to watch a Tom Cruise movie after reading this?


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